328 pages, 21.8 × 28.4 cm
229 images, 139 plans
Flexcover, thread-stitched
CHF 78.00 / EUR 78.00

German ISBN 978-3-03761-293-4

Brutales Luzern

A new photo and architecture volume with the striking title Brutales Luzern fills a gap in the canton’s cultural history with an instructive introduction to the polarising building style of Brutalism. Its 52 portraits include numerous photos, plans and descriptions, as well as an extensive essay explaining what the construction method, which is now regarded as a controversial trend, had originally intended. The book presents both prominent and completely unknown examples of this internationally important chapter of post-war Modernity.

Author: Giacomo Paravicini
Photography: Michael Scherer
Graphic design: Camillo Paravicini