112 pages, 22.5 × 29 cm
139 images, 73 plans
Thread-stitched brochure
CHF 48.00 / EUR 44.00

German/English ISBN 978-3-03761-285-9

Sollberger Bögli

For each building presented in the volume, Biel architects Ivo Sollberger and Lukas Bögli describe a central idea that aptly symbolises the project, referring to the buildings themselves, which carry a narrative force within them. The rows of seats at the new Stade de la Tuilière in Lausanne, for example, are housed in a mighty gestural shell. And the structure of the Raiffeisenbank in Sonceboz-Sombeval appears as an impressive, dynamically-structured crystalline sculpture.

Edited by: Heinz Wirz
Article by: Katharina Marchal